Serena & Paul's Civil Wedding

Serena & Paul's Civil Wedding

Q&A with Serena

 The Ada dress, worn by Serena

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What was your initial vision or inspiration when you started looking for your wedding outfit, and did it evolve throughout the process?

My vision for my civil wedding dress was something that was timeless and chic. Nothing too fluffy, heavy, or too fancy as I wanted this to be more sleek, modern and different to my other dresses for my Bali wedding. Weirdly, in the beginning I wanted to wear a mini white dress, but then decided to go for something more formal. I bought a few tea length dresses that felt a bit Old Hollywood, and although they were nice, I didn’t feel like they were the one or that they just simply looked too plain. When I came across the Vanessa Cocchiaro dress on Net-A-Porter, I just loved everything about it! It looked so modern but so very chic, especially the neck scarf bit. I just knew it would bring everything in together so I took a risk and bought the dress (even though I already had 2 other back up dresses by this point). So yes, I would say my vision definitely evolved but that is also because the vision for my wedding overall also evolved!

Civil wedding, white dress, vanessa cocchiaro

Did you have a specific theme or style in mind for your wedding and or outfit, and how did you incorporate it into your final choice?

As we were getting married in one of the most beautiful town halls in the world, and because it was going to be in Central London, I wanted it to feel very London and modern. I didn’t want anything that was too old or stuffy. I wanted it to feel fresh with clean lines.

Were there any unexpected challenges or surprises you encountered while searching for your dream wedding outfit?

Yes definitely. An issue I have with my body is I am quite short (160cm) but I am curvy but with a flat chest, and my arms aren’t really proportional to my overall body size. I’ve always found myself between a size UK 8 or 10, so when I was trying on dresses, there just wasn’t a dress that fit me perfectly especially because of my chest size so I knew whichever dress I chose, I would have to get it altered to fit me perfectly. This was also a cost that I did not exactly plan for but when I got the dress altered to fit me perfectly, I knew I had made the right choice.

The Ada dress, civil wedding, white

If you could describe your wedding theme in three words, what would they be?

Modern, chic, fresh

How would you describe the overall feeling or atmosphere of your wedding day?

Everyone told me that the atmosphere was just super wholesome and relaxed. They could feel the love throughout the day, and we made sure no one was lacking in food or drinks (which was so important for us as we are big foodies!).

The Ada dress, civil wedding, white

Did anything happen during your wedding day that you wish you could have done differently?

Yes, I wish we relied on our family members or close friends more. When we were planning the wedding and even days leading up to the final day, my partner and I wanted to take on everything ourselves. Our family members had to fly in from Indonesia, Australia and Denmark, so we thought it would be best not to involve them at all. Same with our friends, we wanted them to just enjoy the day so we decided not to ask them for help. I would say that this was why during the day it was hard for us to feel completely relaxed as we also didn’t have a wedding planner so the pressure was literally all on us. In hindsight, I would’ve asked for help from those around me cos I know they also love us and would have wanted to help out in any way they can.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding ceremony for you and your partner?

Probably the first look and when we had to say our vows in front of everyone! It was so emotional I almost couldn’t finish my vows as my eyes were filled with so many tears!

The Ada dress, Vanessa Cocchiaro, white civil wedding outfit

Did you have any personal touches or DIY elements that made your wedding day feel uniquely yours?

Yes, I baked our wedding cake! Everyone knows that I am an avid baker but I didn’t think I was going to bake my own cake as I was scared. I am so glad I did though, and everyone loved the cake which is the most important thing for me.
Photographer : Inna @andyourstory
Hair: @liliamullingerbridal
Makeup: @liliamullingerbridal
Florist: Mo at @marketflowers (wholesale flower seller at the New Covent Garden market)
Cake: DIY by me
Shoes:  @angelalarcon_shoes 
Accessories: @completedworks
Venue: the Old Marylebone Town Hall @adaytorememberdotlondon, drinks reception at @theportmanw1, wedding breakfast at @greyhoundmarylebone