Jenny & Wayne's Civil Wedding

Jenny & Wayne's Civil Wedding

Q&A with Jenny

  The Tina jumpsuit, worn by Jenny

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What was your initial vision or inspiration when you started looking for your wedding outfit, and did it evolve throughout the process?

I wanted to find an outfit for our civil ceremony that was classic, beautiful and chic; but not overtly bridal. I had 3 outfits designed for our big wedding in cape town and I wanted to create a completely different look and feel in London. I knew early in the process I wanted to find the most beautiful and elegant jumpsuit, that would pair with the accessories I had for the main wedding.

What's the funniest or most amusing wedding-related mishap that has happened during your planning process?

The wedding ceremony was unexpectedly wonderful and very funny. We all laughed throughout, especially when my husband’s mum shouted out the answers to all the questions I was asked. When the wedding officer asked if I took this man, she shouted YES YES before I could even speak. This made all out friends, family and the staff burst into laughter, and I felt very welcomed into the family! 

How would you describe the overall feeling or atmosphere of your wedding day?

Full of LOVE, so much love and joy. Our guests also brought their fashion A game, they all dressed beautifully for the day and put in as much effort as we did. 

What was the most memorable part of your wedding ceremony for you and your partner?

How we both felt, we talked about how there was so much energy and love in the room. We did not expect the magnitude or force of emotion during the ceremony as we viewed this as the small legal wedding. In fact, the wedding service was one of the most beautiful parts of our wedding journey. When it came to our big wedding in a vineyard in Cape Town we both said how we felt so relaxed and excited on the big day, as out legal wedding had been so amazing, and we had felt so happy.  I will also always remember what a beautiful sunny warm day we enjoyed, which is very unusual in the middle of winter in London.

Did you have any personal touches or DIY elements that made your wedding day feel uniquely yours?

My husband made my bouquet of white roses, he went to the local florist the day before the wedding to hand pick each flower. He then arranged them, taped and wrapped the bouquet whole I had my hair and make-up on the morning of our wedding day. This was a lovely touch, and his mum took the flowers home as keepsake.

Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced on your wedding day, and how did you overcome them?

Finding an informal venue for lunch in London was a challenge. We had 25 guests for the London wedding, which included friends/ family; many who were unable to travel to Cape town. We wanted to have a lovely, fun, memorable lunch after the ceremony. The group size was slightly too big to find a private dinning location, and too small to require hiring an event space. We settled on hiring a larger private dining area at our local soho house which was perfect.


The Tina Jumpsuit 

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Hair: Andrew Bidwell, Swell
Makeup: Blow tld
Florist: Queens Park Flowers
Shoes: Valentino
Accessories: Fendi bag, Boucheron earrings, Balmain blazer
Venue: Marylebone town hall