Faye & Sean's Garden Wedding

Faye & Sean's Garden Wedding

Q&A with Faye

The Hedy gown, white, vanessa cocchiaro
 The Hedy gown, worn by Faye

Were there any unexpected challenges or surprises you encountered while searching for your dream wedding outfit?

Yes, I am a UK size 16 and in all wedding dress shops there were no dresses available for my size. It made me feel awful about myself. I had been looking at your dress online for weeks and because of that experience thought it would not fit, but I went for it and ordered it and it was perfect !

Hedy gown, vanessa cocchiaro, white dress

Did you have any sentimental or personal elements incorporated into your wedding outfit, and what made them special to you?

Yes -  my dad died in 2015 and I had his initials embroidered into my veil along with some stevie wonder lyrics. That is another reason I wanted the dress to be quite simple so that this would stand out.

 Hedy gown, vanessa cocchiaro, white dress

If you could describe your wedding theme in three words, what would they be?

Faye = Fun, untraditional, memorable.

Sean = A good party.

Hedy Gown, vanessa cocchiaro, white dress 

Have you discovered any quirky or unique wedding traditions that  you incorporated into your ceremony or reception?

Our best friend Buster was our flower man, which was a surprise to Sean who found it hilarious. Our dog Mack was also our ring bearer. I did a speech. Sean took my last name. We were having too much fun so cancelled cutting the cake to have more dancing time with our friends and family. 

Hedy gown, vanessa cocchiaro, white dress

What's the funniest or most amusing wedding-related mishap that has happened during your planning process?

Our car was broken into a few nights before the wedding and had been loaded with all the decorations for the venue which were all stolen ! Not funny at the time but quite a crazy story now.

 vanessa cocchiaro, hedy gown

What was the most memorable part of your wedding ceremony for you and your partner?

I walked down the aisle on my own to honour my dad which was incredibly emotional and special. We also wrote and read our own vows and they were very similar which was funny and again emotional.

 hedy gown, vanessa cocchiaro


 The Hedy Gown

vanessa cocchiaro, hedy dress

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Photographer : Kristian Leven

Hair & Makeup: Done by Faye's sister 

Florist: Lydia @ lumen_floral

Cake: Brownies made by small bakery called bakedworthing

Shoes: Borrowed from Faye's friend

Accessories: Veil embroidered by Jennykingembroidery

Venue: Family friend’s house in Surrey